For more than 30 years we have been continuously delivered innovation in multiple technical areas. We have created one of the largest German ISP’s, one of the first immersive virtual reality concepts, online billing engines, voice over IP technology and more. We help businesses of all sizes to present themselves in the perfect light to their audience. Please contact us for a free consultation.

  • 1995 – With “Hotel Vier Jahrezeiten” in Hamburg we create our first website for one of the finest hotels in Germany

  • 1996  – We launch the “Hamburger Bank of 1861” into the age of the Internet

  • 1996 – We create the first website for the Port of Hamburg

  • 1997 – For the Paul Parey Publishing house we launch the DBZ (“Deutsche Briefmarkenzeitung” – German stamp collector magazine)

  • 1997 – 2000 Our Internet company “nikoma”(as in Nikolai Manek) grows to one of the largest Internet service providers and independent phone companies in Germany

  • 2000 – Nikoma is being sold to the Italian Tiscali group in a merger of interest valued at EUR 265,000,000

  • 2000 – 2001 – First attempt to create a large massive multiplayer world in virtual reality:-) It was 20 years too early but awesome.

  • 2000 – 2010 Investments in numerous Internet properties and technology companies such as Gerdes AG, nikotel and others

  • 2010 – today – Enterprise consulting for companies like Amitelo, Johson and Johnson, Honda and others.

  • 2018 – Founding of holding company “Manek Dynamics” as a family business.

Meet some of our team members

Nikolai Manek
Nikolai ManekChairman
Nikolai Manek is passionate about creating innovative ways for user happiness. From Internet Access to immersive VR and Voice over IP, he has been on the forefront of technology for more than 30 years.
Lisa Marie Manek
Lisa Marie ManekSenior Designer
Lisa Manek is an all-around creative with successful music productions and other art projects. She helps clients to understand how the different demographics experience digital media in a fast-evolving world.

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