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Is your business looking for a USA or Germany market entry? For more than 17 years we open the doors on both side of the Atlantic. Social media automation, campaign support, supporting technologies such as chatbots, data mining and more.

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More than 20 years of IT excellence

From software development, social media marketing, marketing services and infrastructure design, we are your innovative IT partner.

We create Chatbots that automate marketing, training and customer service!

Automation and Chatbots

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Market entry strategies especially for the USA and Germany.

Marketing Strategy

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Optimizing IT strategy for data mining, big data, AI and more.

Advanced IT consulting

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Our first advanced virtually reality project in 2001. This video shows a teaser for a complex virtual reality world including massive multiplayer abilities, billing solutions, virtual assets and more.

It is time for

Advanced Consulting in an interconnected world

As information travels at the speed of light, social networks replacing old communication structures in society and a seemingly never ending stream of disruptive innovation rises to our awareness, more than ever qualified guidance can decide between success or drowning in digital noise.

Our team at Manek Dynamics has proven to be innovation leaders. We were one of the first to offer Internet access in Europe, have been market leaders in telecommunication, pioneers of virtual reality and Voice over IP as well as billing solutions, cloud computing and social media. Contact us to discuss your next project or to get fresh ideas in an ever faster moving world. We will help you to navigate with ease and confidence to reach your goals faster, in time and within  budget.

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Putting you at ease

How we work

We use modern online collaboration tools to give you constant near real time access to our activities ideas and plans. You are not only always up to date with progress but can interact with our team members at any time in the progress.

In software development projects we utilize agile methods as well as online source control such as Github to allow for rapid development and transparency.

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Our market experience includes more than 180 countries (voice over IP and other software developments) and more than 20 years of constant innovation. We also offer special market entry programs for companies that seek easy market entry into the USA and Germany.

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Free Initial Consultation

Please contact us for a free initial consultation. We are looking forward to develop some initial ideas and strategies with you or answer your pre engagement questions.


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